golfIn the world of sports, golf comes out as one of the best games for the majority. What fascinates me and inspires my love for golf is how the game reflects the cycle of life.

As Peter Jacobsen rightly said, ‘No matter what you shoot, you have to go back to the starting point the following day and start all over again and make yourself into something.’ I also believe that Golf is deceptively simple and continuously complicated; it pleases one’s soul and upsets the mental power. It is equally rewarding although sometimes maddening. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly the greatest and one of the best games invented by mankind.

Why to Play Golf?

My biggest golf idol is Eldrick Tont aka “Tiger” Woods, one of the most successful American professional golfer of all times. After realizing that golf, to me, is not only a pleasurable game but also could be my lifelong sport, the pertinent question becomes, “why to play golf?”

The simple reasons are:

  • Golf burns more calories than you’d imagine by combining the weight loss advantages of walking and the strengthening and muscle toning benefits of swinging clubs.
  • Golf also provides significant satisfying aspects, such as a lively social life and consistent physical activity while interacting with nature.
  • Numerous rewarding new friendships can be made wherever there’s a golf course. These friendships are likely to flourish, thanks to the pleasant atmosphere of the game itself.
  • Golf’s powerful blend of stress-busting exercises, fresh air atmosphere, and friendly interaction definitely helps promote long-term cardiovascular health.
  • Golf permits all golfers, irrespective of their ability to play. It does not matter how tall or short you are, nor your body type. The opportunity to strive for your personal excellence is what keeps golfers coming back.
  • Golf builds character, because nothing is harder than having to deal with your conscience and failure.
  • There is always something to learn no matter how good you are at golf. You could devote a lifetime of study to the game and never run out of things to learn.
  • Lastly, golf is a sport where you acquire what you put in. Regular effort & smart training can outdo pure talent.