Creating a ‘best’ list in categories can be both stressful and fun. A list can be interesting, because you immerse yourself in an adventure of assessment, comparing one entry to another. It can also be a source of stress and frustration, knowing how critical other observers are when it comes to a prepared list. Some will argue with the list, question the parameters and criteria used.

Indeed, with dozens of golf tournaments hosted annually, how does one identify the best and the biggest? For the purpose of this article, the best and biggest tournaments are selected based on prize money, media coverage and the overall aesthetics of the course. These also some of the most popular tournaments that punters makes golf bets on.

Green Jacket and the Appeal of Masters

golf5Golf tournament winners and champions are usually given top cash prizes and trophies to celebrate their victory. However, one other prize that is sought after by players is a green jacket, given to the winner of The Masters. This tournament is one of the most popular among elite golf tournaments. Hosted at Augusta, Georgia, this tournament has become a platform for the sport to identify who is the current best in the international field.

The Masters tournament is traditionally hosted during April, at Augusta and is a key event for the PGA, Japan and the European Tour. For golfers and enthusiasts, the Masters is considered an exclusive event, since participation is by invitation only. Winning and wearing the green jacket puts the player into an elite list of champions.

British Open, the Oldest Pro Tournament in the World

golf6Golf is not just a game; it is a lifestyle that allows one to marvel at the course, the environment and the planning that comes with participation. When it comes to historical and picturesque golf courses, only a few can rival the British Open. As the oldest tournament, The British Open is known for its challenging and iconic golf courses. The event is played on a number of courses, including; Old Course at St Andrews, Murfield, Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Royal Lytham and St Annes Golf Club and Turnberry.

US Open- One for the Four Majors

golf7The US Open is one of the four majors in golf, managed by USGA. Like the British Open, the US Open is played on different golf courses, creating tight scores among players. Because of the difficulties of the golf courses, players tend to submit scores near and around par, and the winning golfer often achieves a mere par. One of the toughest courses around is Chambers Bay, where players can expect uneven tees and fescue grass.

PGA Championship

golf8Completing the four majors in golf is the PGA Championship, run by the Professional Golfer’s Association. This is final major, and is often hosted in August. Winning the PGA Championship will give players a number of perks, including a part in the multi-million purse, invitation to play in other majors and a career bump to boost the standing of the golfer.