golf3Any golf player, newcomer or not, will eventually have to face the dreadful moment in which he will have to look for new golf club. This might come as a surprise, but it does happen very often for individuals who have played golf for years and have reached a certain level of competence at the sport, and they still don’t know much about golf clubs. That is because there are many more factors impacting the decision-making than most people would expect.

Also, that decision has a big impact on one’s play and if one makes a wrong decision, it may be a very costly mistake as golf club are far from being cheap, at least not those of high quality. It is precisely these high-quality golf clubs that everyone should be aiming for since, without them, it may happen that the player feels like he is not progressing because of his lack of talent while, in fact, it is the club that is preventing him from reaching a higher competitive level.

Here are the key factors that ought to be considered when looking for a new golf golf4club:

  • The Clubhead
  • The Shaft
  • Grip
  • Loft
  • The Iron

The Clubhead

This one is fairly straight forward as there are clubheads of different dimensions. The bigger they are, the easier it gets, to hit the ball. They may also have different shapes. In theory, there are the round heads, pear heads, and square heads, just to mention the basic ones. When starting, it is probably a good idea to choose a standard or midsized clubhead first.

The Shaft

The size of the shaft should be proportionate to your body. In other words, your build and, in particular, your height define the sort of shaft you should buy. It would not make sense for a 2 meter tall player to play with a golf club with a shaft of the same dimension of his 1.50 meter friend.

To measure the ideal stiffness of the shaft, it is recommended that you have an experienced golfer listen to the sound of the swinging club to guide you in your decision in your choice of a strong, regular, medium, or stiff shaft.


The loft is the name given to the angle of the face of the club in relation to the shaft. Unless there are clear flaws about your playing that could be alleviated by choosing a not-so-normal loft, do not pay much attention to this factor.

The Iron

The decision for a forged or cavity-backed iron depends on how skilled and confident you are. The forged irons are more challenging and add greater accuracy and, as such, are often the choice of the very best players.


Once these major factors are taken into account and studied, it is not very likely that the customer will arrive home with a club that does not satisfy him. It is always valuable to tell the experts at the golf store what you are looking for. It is also advised that one knows how to avoid counterfeit golf clubs.

You would not want to spend hours researching the ideal golf club and then end up with a fake copy that will damage your playing, your reputation, and your wallet.