golf12People tend to think about golf as a rich person’s game, but this does not have to be the case at all. It is completely possible to get involved in golfing, without breaking the bank.

Here are a few tips on:

  • Cheap clubs;
  • Cheap balls;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Municipal golf courses.

Getting Started

Firstly, a good way to start cheap is by purchasing an inexpensive set of beginners clubs. It might be tempting to go for a really nice looking set, but this really is not necessary. A half set is a good start for a beginner, and you might even be able to find a set second-hand.

If you have never played golf before and do not have anyone close to you who can help, then you might want to spend a little money on some beginner’s lessons. A short introductory course should not be very expensive, and will propel you into proper understanding of the game a lot faster than you can achieve on your own. A solid foundation is a good investment if you are planning on staying in the game for a while.

Choosing a Driving Range And Full Course

Many people choose to start at a driving range, to get their basic skills honed before moving on to a real course. Many driving ranges have loyalty schemes, meaning a chance to save a bit of money on reduced price balls and other purchases in the club shop.

Once you have got you gear and basic skills, you need to start looking for a place to play. If there is a local municipal course near where you live, this will be an inexpensive choice for a beginner. These courses normally have fewer restrictions than a private course, and playing will be a lot cheaper. Some municipal courses also have practice areas where you can practice for free once you have purchased balls.

Don’t Get Tempted

golf13Once you have properly invested into the game, you can save money by only updating your gear when you need it. Unless your clubs need replacing, there is no reason for a novice player to upgrade to expensive club sets. The same is true for balls. Only low handicap players will really notice the difference between cheap and expensive balls and so you can save a lot of money by purchasing only the necessities.