golf2Every golfer knows that they cannot make much of a stir at a golf course without a series of successful putts. Most people assume that golf is one of those games played by those who have a natural, inborn skill. Nothing could be farther from the truth. With a lot of practice and keeping some tips in mind, a golfer at any skill level can increase their putting skill. Here are some tips that might help you improve your skills on the putting green:

  1. Stay Still

The only part of your body that should have any movement is your hands and the waist for balance. Players who have inconsistent movement of their lower body are not successful in delivering the putter head to the golf ball. An easy way of training your hips to be immobile is to set up the ball very close to an adjacent wall, keep your bottom in one position as you make the strokes.

  1. Straight Line Movement

Have you noticed how pros strike a ball and it keeps rolling to the direction it was hit? That is one of the signs of a squarely struck golf ball. You could start by drawing a line in the direction you want the ball to go then focus on having the ball follow that line. The ball may be wobbly at first but with time, it will become steady. Check out this great youtube video for hands on tips.


  1. Accelerate

Golf instructors often teach to have the front stroke 20% faster than the backstroke. A great way to measure this is by the use of a ruler to ensure that the back stays within its range. As you excel at making the acceleration perfect, you will notice that the strokes become stable and more consistent.

  1. Practice Opening a Can

As you train to be the perfect putter, you need a drill that will keep a check on the proximity of the impacts you make. By following these steps you will strengthen the hand you use to putt

  • Making a pathway between two cans of soup.
  • Putt a golf ball so that it runs in between them.
  • Repeat this until you can make a stroke that ends in the middle of the cans and not past them
  1. Chasing a Rabbit

Consistency, rhythm, and speed are the key components required for playing golf. Try putting a ball in any direction from where you are standing and quickly putt another one in the same direction. The idea is to recreate the first path in the same way such that the balls land very close to each other.

If you can putt a golf ball on a flat surface without it going in an undefined direction, then you only need a few sessions of practice to be a professional putter. Here are some visual putting basics.