The best golf courses in the UK does more than just give you a location to play the sport. It offers the best views of the land and a serene atmosphere to relax and have fun with friends and colleagues.

Without a doubt, the United Kingdom has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The countryside offers a view of rolling hills and plains for miles. This is why they have some of the best golf courses in the world. Since golf originated in Scotland, it is not really surprising that the gold is one of the biggest sports in the UK.

3 of the best golf courses in the UK

World-renowned designers have come to mould the naturally beautiful landscape in the UK and turn it into the best golf courses. If you are into golf, you might want to make sure that you try one of the many golf courses in the UK.

Here are the three golf courses that you might want to try out in the UK.

Muirfield Golf Course

This is an exclusive golf course that served as the host of 16 Open Championships and 11 Amateur Championships. It is known for giving players with a challenging course. The whole course covers 117 acres and is surrounding by 7,245 yards of stone walls. Probably the most difficult course if the 9th hole. It is subjected to heavy winds and has a par 5. Despite the challenge, the course gives players access to beautiful views of rolling hills and open skies.

Royal Portrush, Dunluce Links Co Antrim

Designed by the famous Harry Colt, this golf course is simple yet still quite breathtaking. The 14th hole is the most famous course for being short but difficult. It is played uphill and has a massive ravine beside it. Apart from that, it also has holes that have the most par fours. Various parts of the course offer challenges that you have to overcome as you enjoy scenic views of a 13th Century Dunluce castle.

Old Course St Andrews

Whenever there is a list of the best golf courses in the UK, this is always a part of the list. This is one of the oldest courses in Scotland. In fact, it is known to be the birthplace of gold. The course has a par 72 course that had been played on for the past 600 years. The course may not be as difficult as the other courses in the UK but this has enough boldness to give its own set of challenges. This is the location of the most Open Championships in the world. That in itself should be proof of how special this course is.

These three are only a few of the best golf courses in the UK. You might want to look into a longer list because the whole region has a lot of courses that you can go to for some tee time.