golf9The game of golf is not just an interesting game to play; it is a competitive game that has been the centre of many wagers in the past. If you check out some of the established bookmakers in Europe and the US, you will discover that golf is one of the most popular sports covered, next to football, tennis and cricket.

Before you get too excited about the potential wagers you can make, it is important that you understand a few things about golf and betting on the sport. Understanding these basics and tips on betting can help provide you with a memorable experience. Remember that it is also possible to bet live on mobile phone while watching the tournament. There won’t be any dull moments as you can even play online slots meanwhile waiting for the ball to be hit. Be sure to check out for no deposit Uk free spins on slots.

Know the Difference between Match and Stroke Play

Before you can confidently place your bets on golf, it is important that you understand the difference between match and stroke play. In stroke play, all strokes made by the player in each round are recorded and summed up at the end of the competition to achieve the final score. The player who gets the least number of strokes wins the competition. The other option is match play, where the number of strokes is counted in every completed hole. Taking 21 shots on a single hole has no bearing on the next hole.

There are different types of markets available to bet on golf. Some of the leading UK bookmakers list the winner market, Top 5 finish, Top 10 finish, victory margin and the first round leader as the primary markets that can be considered.

What to Keep in Mind before Play

golf9Before you back a player, it is best to understand the game and the environment. For example, it is best to consider the weather conditions at the tournament location. Golf is one game where the wind can become a large factor in the result of the tournament. The complexity of the course will also affect the performance of the players. If you know the background of the course, then it’s easier to make a ‘back’ or ‘lay’.

You may also want to take a look at the profile and characteristics of previous tournament winners. Some tournaments also produce shock winners, or players that were not expected to do well, yet managed to scoop the prize.

These strategies and tips in betting on golf can go a long way in providing you with a more confident approach to betting.